We believe that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand.

As one of India’s largest pipes and fittings manufacturers, we focus on how all our business activities impact our Triple Bottom Line Goals. With 7 state-of-art manufacturing units across India, sustainable manufacturing is a key goal, amongst others not because it is ‘obligatory’ but a necessity to be responsible towards the world we live in.

At Prince Pipes, Product Life Cycle Analysis [PLCA] has become a tool of choice used to establish the sustainability impact of the products we manufacture and market. Across all stages of the product life cycle we assimilate very clear avenues where we are able to reduce the environmental impact, create social capital and achieve cost efficiency

Focus on Triple Bottom-line Goals







All our efforts are trained towards how operational improvement programmes can aid PPFL to balance the need for operational efficiency in production and service systems with environmental commitment and social fairness.

solar panel

Environment, Social and Governance [ESG] goals are one of our key pillars of organisational progress:

Total Carbon footprint generation reduced from 52,137 MT in FY-21 to 49,645 MT in FY-22, i.e., reduction of 1,052 MT (4.8%)

Carbon footprint in kg of CO2 per Kg of production reduced from 0.395 in FY-21 to 0.387 in FY-22, i.e., reduction of 2.1%

Renewable source of energy increased from 10.71% in FY-21 to 15.96% in FY-22 i.e., growth by 51%

Roof top solar PV generation increased from 1332856 KWH in FY-21 to 3043875 KWH in FY-22, growth by 128%

Total roof top solar PV capacity 2.6 MW

Wind energy purchase increased from 5952191 KWH in FY-21 to 7936958 KWH in FY-22, growth by 33%

Focusing on clean energy and environment

From procurement of raw materials, to ensuring sustainable manufacturing facilities, until distribution, our resources are used with the aim of valuing and conserving our larger communities and the environment. Our efforts have borne positive outcomes as follows:

Environment conservation through carbon reduction, energy consumption, water & waste management

  • Phased out lead-based chemicals and Ozone depleting substances in existing equipment
  • Maintaining Environmental Aspect Impact register
  • Aim to reduce carbon footprint by 5% every year
  • Our Water Utilization Ratio (WUR) has reduced by 3.9% YOY, by improving awareness among employees to save water
  • STP installed capacity in all our plants increased from 87KLD to 205KLD to improve water recycling capacity i.e., increased by ~136%
  • All our facilities are zero liquid discharge units
  • All our manufacturing locations equipped with Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) system
  • Driving the circular economy, a system in which nothing is wasted. We store products in use for as long as possible while extracting maximum value from products
  • ~ 99% of waste generated is recycled in-house across our manufacturing units while other plastics are sold to third party for recycling
  • Have in place instruction documents for each plant setting laying out the procedure for processing internal rejection including grinding, segregation, reuse, and treatment of non-usable wastage. The Company also submits necessary returns on hazardous and other wastes as prescribed by the State Pollution Control Boards/ Committees for each of its plants
  • Noise Pollution: Across all plants maintain noise levels within the levels prescribed by respective state authorities. In high noise areas, such as Diesel Generator and compressors; and grinder guidelines are followed to ensure wearing ear protection (earmuffs and earplugs) as a mandatory requirement
  • Energy Saving Initiatives: All production machineries & utilities aligned to world class energy saving norms and ensure disposal of inefficient equipment every year. All plants are certified for ISO 50001:2018 energy management systems.

Empowering communities

Preference for locally available goods and services. Undertaken several initiatives for the development of local and small suppliers of goods and services

  • Developed packing material and hardware/ spare items supplier locally for development of surrounding communities
  • Regularly educate utility services providers including plumbers on various aspects related to solvent applications, new techniques, soft skills, and product usage to improve service capabilities
  • In May 2021, airlifted oxygen concentrators from international partners to contribute to India’s relief efforts in fighting the surging second wave of Covid-19 - equipment was handed over to states of Bihar and Rajasthan in two phases within the month. Also donated oxygen concentrators to Telangana Government
  • Distributed STOREFIT water tanks of 500 litres capacity, to villages along L.O.C. Kashmir with the help of the Indian Army -aimed at bringing ease of living, better health and improve the quality of life of rural India
  • Conducted vaccination drives for first and second doses, at Mythri Hospital, Hyderabad, to secure health of all dealers, distributers of our company and plumbers in Hyderabad
  • Distributed food grains and groceries to devotees during the Rath Yatra in Odisha
  • In December 2021 announced “The First Prince Udaan Scholarship Program in Ludhiana” - Initiative aimed at enabling potential children of plumbers to take off towards a successful future
    • Children of plumbers in Ludhiana in standards 5 to 10, who scored above 70% in Maths and Science were eligible for the Scholarship. Also extended to students who have lost a parent during COVID, for educational support
    • The Prince Udaan Scholarship Program in Ludhiana is an extension of our Udaan loyalty program which was one of the first loyalty programs to be introduced in the pipes and fittings industry on pan-India basis
  • Organised flagship event World Plumbing Day: In March 2022, conducted Shram Ka Sammaan Campaign commemorating all-India events across Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jaipur, Patna and New Delhi.
    • Felicitated plumbers for long-standing association, inspiring them about dignity of labour, and sensitizing them on skill upgradation
    • Provided over 5,000 loyal plumbers with accidental insurance policies, a first in the industry

Prince Pipes management systems are certified from TUV Rheinland, for :

  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System),
  • ISO 14001:2015 (Environment Management System),
  • ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System),
  • ISO 50001:2018 (Energy Management System).